Starters a la carte

Typical Tuscan starter
Selection of cured meats (semi-sweet ham, mortadella di Prato and Tuscan salami), 3 types of duet (semi-seasoned pecorino with artisan compote, pecorino with walnuts with onion and pear compote, pecorino with chilli with pepper and apple compote), liver terrine with grilled bread, Chianti tuna with artisan pickled vegetables.
€ 14.00
Garden's appetizer
Phyllo dough roll with seasonal vegetables, yellow tomatoes with black salt and purslane, fresh tomato soup with crunchy celery and basil, semi-seasoned pecorino cheese duet with homemade pepper and apple jam, courgette coccole and fried courgette flower
€ 12.00
Tomato flan
Seasonal vegetable flan on Gran Maremma cream and crunchy cassava veils
€ 9.00
Liver terrine and Carmignano figs
Liver terrine with Carmignano figs, lard, pickled vegetables, aniseed pear jam with grilled bread slices
€ 13.00

First courses

Spring vegetable lasagna
Homemade fresh pasta lasagne with seasonal vegetables from our gardens: courgettes, carrots and green beans
€ 10.00
Mugello tortelli with beef ragù
Homemade fresh pasta tortellini with a potato filling served with our tuscan beef ragù
€ 11.00
Ribollita della tradizione
Piatto tipico della tradizione toscana accompagnato da petali di cipolla fresca
€ 10.00
Spaghetti al ragù di polpo
Spaghettone con cozze del golfo di Follonica, acciuga e pane rosso -Puoi richiedere il nostro olio piccante all'habanero giallo-
€ 11.00
Spinach and ricotta cheese ravioli with soft gran maremma cream
Ravioli filled with ricotta cheese and spinach with a soft gran maremma cream, black olives crumble and almonds
€ 11.00

Second courses

Sliced ​​Tuscan chicken cooked at low temperature
Tuscan farmed chicken slices with marinated grilled peppers and basil pesto
€ 13.00
Beef tartare
Raw tuscan meat knife-cut with egg yolk and classic seasoning
€ 18.00
Sliced grilled beef
Selected Tuscan beef grilled with oil and herbs
€ 16.00
Fillet Toscana Fleur
Selected Tuscan beef fillet tied and grilled with parsley oil
€ 22.00
Our grilled steak (price per kg)
Selected beef steak raised in Tuscany served with roasted potatoes and homemade pickled vegetables
€ 46.00
Fritto dell’aia
Selected chicken and rabbit meat from Tuscan farms and battered seasonal vegetables
€ 14.00

Side courses

Roasted potatoes
€ 5.00
Artisanal potato fries
€ 5.00
Cannellini beans cooked in a mason jar
€ 5.00
Seasonal mixed (or green) salad from our gardens
€ 5.00

Unique dishes

Ghiotto's burger
Sandwich, selected beef burger cooked rare, lettuce, tomato, cheese, crispy bacon paired with homemade fries, ketchup and mayonnaise
€ 14.00
Garden's burger (vegetarian)
Sandwich, vegan burger, tomato and salad paired with homemade fries and dedicated sauces
€ 13.00
Sandwich of the month
Sandwich with grilled squid and aubergines, green sauce and tabasco, paired with fried courgette flowers from our garden
€ 13.00


Cheesecake with berries
Cheesecake fresca su base di biscotto alla salvia senza glutine
€ 5.50
Prato's cantucci with vinsanto
€ 6.00
Tasty jar
Tasty chocolate jar with salt grains and milk mousse
€ 5.00
€ 5.50
Buckwheat carrot cake with hazelnuts, almonds and cinnamon ice cream
€ 5.50