Piedmontese starter – anchovies in red sauce, veal with tuna sauce, soused trout, giardiniera and tomino cheese with acacia honey.
Ingredients: Batsoà: pork, natural flavourings, vinegar, breadcrumbs, flour, egg, salt, pepper. Carpione trout ingredients: trout, onion, courgettes, carrots, salt, extra virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar. Ingredients for green tongue: veal, vinegar, garlic, wine, bread, egg. Anchovy ingredients: anchovy fillets in red sauce: tomato, peppers, onion, sunflower oil, dried bread, soft wheat flour, balsamic vinegar, milk, salt, pepper. Ingredients: Honey Cheese: Cheese, Honey
€ 15.00
Raw meat tartare with rocket and parmesan salad
Ingredients: Piedmontese Fassone beef, rocket, Parmesan cheese, extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper
€ 12.00
Fritto di acciughe con bagnetto rosso
Ingredienti: acciughe, farina, sale, olio. Ingredienti bagnetto rossi: peperoni, sedano, carota, cipolla, peperoncino, aceto di vino rosso, pomodoro
€ 14.00
Grive del Monferrato with sweet semolina
Grive ingredients: pork liver, sausage, natural flavourings, butter, garlic, salt, pepper, rosemary, white wine. Semolina ingredients: semolina, flour, sugar, egg.
€ 13.00
Pumpkin millefeuille flavored with rosemary and Castelmagno
Ingredients: pumpkin, cheese, salt, extra virgin olive oil, rosemary.
€ 13.00


3 pieces cheese with green tomato jam, pumpkin compote and acacia honey
Ingredients: toma gessata, toma blu, toumin del mel, green tomatoes, sugar, honey. Pumpkin compote: pumpkin, sugar, mustard.
€ 9.00
6 pieces cheese with green tomato jam, pumpkin compote and acacia honey
Ingredients: toma gessata, toma blu, toumin del mel, testun, fresh tomino, medium-aged toma green tomatoes, sugar, honey. Pumpkin compote: pumpkin, sugar, mustard
€ 14.00
Large charcuterie board
Pancetta coppata - dried sausage - seasoned bacon - salami di turgia - lonzino - salami della rosa Ingredients giardiniera: celery, carrot, onion, cauliflower, tomato, green beans, salt, extra virgin olive oil (Salumificio vallino marco &c snc) Fried bread: flour, water , oil, milk
€ 15.00


Ricotta cannelloni with sea scents
Ingredients: egg pasta, ricotta, mussels, clams, shrimp, cuttlefish, red mullet, olives, capers, baby octopus, extra virgin olive oil, salt
€ 16.00
Purple potato gnocchi with pinstripe toma sauce
Ingredients: purple potato gnocchi with toma cheese, cream, butter
€ 14.00
Piedmontese raviolo with three roasts
Ingredients: roast beef, roast pork, roast rabbit, Grana Padano, potatoes, celery, onions, leeks, carrots, red wine, white wine, flavourings, egg, 00 flour, butter and thyme
€ 15.00
Chestnut tajarin with hare ragout
ingredients: chestnut flour, wheat flour, hare meat, celery, carrots, onion, salt, extra virgin olive oil
€ 16.00
Grated onion soup
Ingredients: Onions, butter, flour, vegetable broth, toma cheese, Parmesan cheese, extra virgin olive oil, black pepper, bay leaves, rosemary, salt
€ 9.00

Second courses *on request addition of black truffle €5 (approximately 5g)

Prawns in a hazelnut crust and fennel salad
Ingredients: prawns, hazelnut flour, durum wheat flour, eggs, fennel, lemon, bacon, extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, chilli pepper.
€ 16.00
Pork cheek stewed in red wine with polenta
Ingredients: pig's cheek, onion, carrot, celery, natural flavourings, red wine, salt, pepper, vegetable broth, corn flour.
€ 15.00
Deer medallion with pomegranate sauce, sautéed porcini mushrooms, potatoes and mixed salad
Ingredients: Venison, pomegranate, mushrooms, celery, carrots, onions, salt, wine, extra virgin olive oil, potatoes, rosemary, mixed salad.
€ 18.00
Sliced Piedmontese fassona steak on a bed of black cabbage
Ingredients: Piedmontese Fassona meat, oil, salt, garlic
€ 18.00
Toumin dal Mel with grilled vegetables
Ingredients: Tomin dal mel, aubergines, courgettes, radicchio, peppers, spring onion
€ 14.00
Grilled tuna with artichoke trifolata and black cabbage oil
Ingredients: salmon, artichokes, garlic, salt, freeze-dried black cabbage, extra virgin olive oil, pepper.
€ 16.00

Side Dishes

Pan-sautéed chicory
Ingredients: chicory, garlic, oil, chilli pepper
€ 4.00
Mixed salad
Ingredients: mixed salad
€ 4.00
Rosemary potatoes
Ingredients: potatoes, garlic, oil, rosemary, aromatic herbs
€ 4.00


Ingredients: eggs, milk, amaretti biscuits, brown sugar, rum
€ 6.00
Chestnut panna cotta with zabaglione
Ingredients: vegetable cream, sugar, isinglass, chestnuts, vanilla, egg, white wine, Marsala.
€ 6.00
Chocolate and hazelnut cake with a soft center (12 minute wait)
Ingredients: dark chocolate, butter, sugar, flour, eggs, hazelnuts, cream.
€ 6.00
Meringue semifreddo
Ingredients: egg, vegetable cream, nuts, chocolate
€ 6.00
Tarte tatin with cream ice cream
Ingredients: flour, butter, sugar, yeast, apples, cinnamon, egg, milk, cream
€ 6.00
Tiramisu in a glass
Ingredients: Egg, milk, flourless ladyfingers, Marsala liqueur, coffee, sugar, cocoa
€ 6.00