Baked vegetables
Seasonal vegetables cooked in the oven, flower of salt, extra virgin olive oil
€ 8.00
Baked potatoes
Baked mountain potatoes, extra virgin olive oil, natural flavors
€ 6.00
Asparagi in olio cottura, burratina e pomodoro
Asparagi *cbt, burratina campana, pomodoro piccadilly, basilico, fior di sale, misticanza aromatica *preparazione con cottura a bassa temperatura
€ 13.00
Red rice salad
Ermes rice from Falasco farm, seasonal vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, prawn tails
€ 15.00
Pennette integrali al pesto di basilico
Bronze-drawn wholemeal pasta, basil, walnuts, pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil, parmesan, pecorino, salt and pepper, green beans and potatoes
€ 13.00
Calamarata with white rabbit ragout
Bronze-cut Gragnano pasta, rabbit ragout, roast sauce
€ 15.00
Spaghettone al pomodoro, basilico e caprino
Bronze-drawn Gragnano pasta, Pachino, coppery and Piccadilly tomato sauce, basil, Evo oil, goat cheese, lemon
€ 13.00
Eggplant parmigiana and broad bean cream
Grilled aubergines, basil, tomato sauce, Parmigiano Reggiano, mozzarella, Evo oil, broad beans
€ 11.00
Round of veal cbt *, tuna, dehydrated caper, dehydrated anchovies, mayonnaise and cooking sauce Side dish of potatoes or baked vegetables. * Low temperature cooking
€ 18.00
Octopus in Mediterranean salad
Octopus * cbt, Taggiasca olives, basil, celery, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, side dish of potatoes or baked vegetables * Preparations with low temperature vacuum cooking
€ 20.00
Blueberry and yogurt parfait
Blueberries, glucose, yogurt, Italian meringue
€ 8.00
Pasteurized eggs, ladyfingers, raw sugar, mascarpone, chocolate, coffee
€ 8.00