Salami and cheese with bruschetta with tomatoes
€ 16.00
Crunchy artichoke, smoked buffalo ricotta and pecorino romano flakes
€ 13.00
Creamy potato omelette with seasonal vegetable salad and stracciatella
€ 13.00
Shrimp crudites un tsatziki sauce on a crunchy spiral of shortcrust pastry
€ 17.00
Beef tartare on puffed rice cloud and tartar sauce
€ 14.00

First Course - Soups - Traditional flavours

Genovese pesto pappardelle with green beans, potatoes and marinated croaker with herbs and citrus fruits
€ 15.00
Spaghettone Lagano with purple mazara prawns, stracciatella cream and line
€ 18.00
Homemade ricotta gnocchi peas, sausage and pecorino
€ 14.00
€ 15.00

Main course and side dish

Kingfish cooked in salted crust flavoures with herbs and agrumes vlack cabbage and vanilla tomatoes
€ 23.00
Grilled red mullet on chickpea salad with turmeric and seasonal vegetables
€ 24.00
Fillet with green pepper and potatoes sauteed insage
€ 25.00
Veal milanese with homemade pickles
€ 28.00
Poland steak with bone (400gr) served on stone with baked chicory, cherry, tomatoes jam and parmesan fondue
€ 37.00


Brownies with cream ice cream
€ 8.00
Straeberry and vanilla Chantilly
€ 8.00
Open cannoli with Marsala
€ 8.00
The caprese cake with creme anglaise
€ 8.00