Specials of the month

September pizza
Focaccia alla gricia with pecorino cream, crunchy bacon, mix of peppers, flakes of pecorino romano and September figs.
€ 14.50

Fried Artisans

Supplì on the phone
Rice, tomato, basil, herbs, heart of stringy mozzarella, all breaded and fried
€ 1.90
Potato chips
Fresh Avezzano potatoes cut into chips and fried.
€ 4.00
Cheese and pepper chips
Fresh Avezzano potatoes cut into chips seasoned with pecorino and pepper.
€ 5.90
Fried potatoes from avezzano to stick
fresh avezzano potatoes made in a wide stick and fried in high oleic sunflower oil.
€ 4.50
Pumpkin flower
courgette flower stuffed with mozzarella and anchovies, battered and fried.
€ 3.00
Fillet of Cod flakes
Desalted cod in corn flakes batter, a review of the classic!
€ 4.90
Wrong Ascolana olives
pork, free-range chicken, beef, Leccino olives, parmesan, egg, bread, herbs, all breaded and fried and served in 4 pieces.
€ 4.90
Mozzarella in carriage
Breaded and fried Fiordilatte, 4 Pcs
€ 4.90
Bombolotto with cheese and pepper
rice, cheese and pepper cream, ground pepper in grains, heart of stringy mozzarella, all breaded, fried and served with cheese and pepper cream.
€ 3.50
Carbonaro cylinder
rice, bacon, pecorino cheese, egg yolk, heart of stringy mozzarella, all breaded, fried and served with carbonara cream and crispy bacon.
€ 3.50
Trio of cans
Tris cheese and pepper - amatriciana - carbonara
€ 9.90
Potato croquette
Fresh crushed Avezzano potatoes, spices, all breaded and fried.
€ 1.80
Croquettes all'nduja
Fresh crushed avezzano potatoes, Calabrian nduja, all breaded and fried served in 3 pieces.
€ 3.90


Oil and salt
Homemade bread, Italian extra virgin olive oil, Salt
€ 1.50
Homemade bread, tomatoes "zero" km Ortofrutticola Flli. Garbaglia, salt, Italian extra virgin olive oil, oregano
€ 2.90
Homemade bruscato bread, chopped Leccino olives and Calabrian nduja.
€ 3.60
Lard and rosemary
Homemade bread, patanegra lard, Italian extra virgin olive oil, rosemary
€ 3.60
Chicory and bacon
homemade bruscato bread, sautéed chicory and natural bacon.
€ 3.90
bacon and egg
homemade bruscato bread, carbonara cream, natural bacon and pecorino cheese
€ 3.90
Homemade bruscato bread, "home made" cow's milk stracciatella, sliced black summer truffle
€ 4.90
Raw crouton
Homemade bread with melted mozzarella and raw ham
€ 4.50
Anchovy crouton
Homemade bread, melted mozzarella and 1st choice anchovy fillets
€ 4.50
Homemade bread, cheese and pepper cream, crispy bacon
€ 3.90
Homemade bread, grandmother's meatballs with sauce, parmesan
€ 4.50

The "OCP" Focaccia

Focaccia oil and salt
€ 4.50
Focaccia con rucola , bresaola e parmigiano
€ 10.00
focaccia with raw ham and buffalo mozzarella
€ 10.00
focaccia with mayonnaise, rocket and smoked salmon
€ 10.00

Classic White "OCP" Pizzas

Baked potatoes
Fiordilatte mozzarella, flavored baked potatoes and rosemary
€ 7.90
Baked potatoes and sausage
Fiordilatte mozzarella, baked potatoes, ham sausage from the "Macelleria Emiliano Castelli" selection, "Wiberg" rosemary
€ 8.90
mozzarella fiordilatte, champignon mushrooms, ham sausage
€ 8.90
Summer vegetable garden
Fiordilatte, aubergines, Roman courgettes and red peppers
€ 8.90
mozzarella fiordilatte, quality Italian cooked ham
€ 8.50
mozzarella fiordilatte, baked potatoes, patanegra lard, rosemary
€ 10.00
mozzarella fiordilatte, courgette flowers and anchovies
€ 9.50
Four cheeses
mozzarella fiordilatte, gorgonzola, pecorino, smoked provola
€ 9.50
Mozzarella, smoked provola, seasoned speck, champignon mushrooms
€ 10.00
Campagnola 2.0
pizza with mozzarella, sautéed chicory, natural bacon, dried tomatoes in cream, shelled walnuts.
€ 10.00
Fiordilatte, courgettes, bacon, Roman pecorino cream, walnuts, pepper mix
€ 10.00

The Classic Red "OCP" Pizzas

tomato, garlic, parsley
€ 5.90
Margherita Pizza
1st choice tomato, mozzarella fiordilatte cheese factory ponticorvo
€ 7.00
tomato, fiordilatte mozzarella, desalted Sicilian anchovies
€ 8.50
tomato, mozzarella fiordilatte, spicy ventricina salami
€ 8.50
tomato, mozzarella fiordilatte, champignon mushrooms
€ 7.90
Ham sausage
tomato, mozzarella fiordilatte, ham sausage from the "Emiliano" advanced butchers selection.
€ 8.90
tomato, mozzarella fiordilatte. frankfurters
€ 8.00
Capricious Top
tomato, fiordilatte mozzarella, champignon mushrooms, Taggiasca olives, bismack egg, raw ham, Roman-style artichokes
€ 10.00
tomato, fiordilatte mozzarella, red onion, Taggiasca olives, Calabrian nduja, parsley
€ 10.00
tomato, buffalo DOP from Campania, basil, Grana Padano
€ 10.00
Shrimp cocktail
tomato, mayonnaise, iceberg salad, shrimp, parsley
€ 9.90
Tomato and bacon
pizza with tomato, natural bacon, pecorino romano
€ 9.00
Fiordilatte, tomato, aubergines, basil, parmesan
€ 9.00

The "OCP" Pizzas Relieved

tomato, ham sausage, natural bacon, red onion, carbonara cream, pecorino romano DOP
€ 11.00
The pistachio
fiordilatte, quality cooked ham, homemade shredded meat, pistachio sauce, crushed pistachios
€ 11.90
OCP pizza
half calzone stuffed with chicory mozzarella and baked potatoes, and half pizza with margherita and meatballs in sauce with a nice sprinkling of parmesan
€ 12.00
ripieno di mozzarella , provola affumicata ,prosciutto cotto e sopra sporcato di pomodoro e una bella grattata di parmigiano
€ 11.00
pizza with mozzarella, pumpkin fjords, stracciata, dried tomatoes, dried parsley
€ 11.00
Stracciata de mare
pizza con pomodoro , stracciata "home made" , basilico , acciughe
€ 11.00
smeared with tomato, mozzarella fiordilatte, baked potatoes, bacon, red onion, pecorino romano
€ 11.00
Nonna mia
Pomodoro , mozzarella fiordilatte , polpettine al sugo (Macellai Evoluti di emiliano) parmigiano reggiano a scaglie , basilico
€ 11.90
Unlike Carbonara
Focaccia with crispy bacon, egg yolk cream, Roman pecorino cream, flaked pecorino cheese
€ 11.00

Homemade sweets

mascarpone, pasteurized egg yolk, ladyfingers, joyful coffee
€ 4.90
cheese cake with Philadelphia cream cheese Flavors: chocolate, berries, caramel, pistachio, strawberries
€ 5.50
Panna cotta
panna cotta pudding: you can choose to add nutella, berries, caramel, chocolate
€ 4.90
Nutella pizza
focaccia with nutella and powdered sugar
€ 6.00
Acqua , zucchero ,limone , aromi
€ 4.00


Still water
1 liter of microfiltered Rome water
€ 2.50
sparkling water
Rome water microfiltered according to the law and sparkling.
€ 2.50
Coca cola 0,33 cl
€ 2.90
Coca cola zero 0,33 cl
€ 2.90
Coca cola 1 liter
di vetro
€ 4.90
Gaseous bio
sparkling carbonated organic galvanin 0.35 cl
€ 3.50
Organic lemonade
sparkling lemonade bio galvanina 0.35 cl
€ 3.50
Organic orange juice
sparkling organic orange juice 0.35 cl
€ 3.50

Ostia Che ... Beer!

Draft beer 0.35 cl
Ostia's blonde who ... beer! 5% vol. Italian Ale
€ 4.50
1 liter draft beer mug
The blonde from Ostia who...beer! 5% vol. Italian Ale
€ 11.90
1.2 LT jug (for dividing)
The blonde from Ostia who... Beer! 5% VOL. Italian Ale
€ 13.90
Draft beer carafe 2 litres
The blonde from Ostia what...beer! 5 % vol. Italian wings
€ 21.90
The blonde
5% vol. Water, barley malt, hops, sugar and yeast. High fermentation clear, with soft hints of malt and herbaceous, citrus and floral notes typical of the noble varieties of continental hops, light body, delicate aroma, refermented and aged in the bottle, forms natural sediment.
€ 4.50
The Red
Special high fermentation amber wine characterized by an elegant blend of six fine malts and American hops, chestnut honey embellishes and highlights the uniqueness of this recipe, it is refermented and aged in the bottle and in the shape of the natural sediment.
€ 4.50
The Amara
American Ipa 6.0% vol. Water, barley malt, hops, sugar and yeast. Double malt amber characterized by intense hopping and caramelized and slightly toasted hints of malts, refermented and aged in the bottle, form of natural sediment.
€ 4.50
The Superb
Strong 8.0% vol. Water, barley malt, sugar and yeast. Clear double malt inspired by the Belgian triple style with the use of European and American hops. refermented and aged in the bottle it creates natural sediment.
€ 4.50
The Pussy
Italian Blanche 5.5% vol. Chiara High fermentation based on barley and rye malt, with a spiciness of coriander and citrus fruits from the Amalfi coast, veiled aspect typical of the Belgian blanche style, refermented and aged in the bottle in the form of natural sediment.
€ 4.50
The adored
ITALIAN WHEAT 6.5% vol. Water, barley and wheat malt, hops, spices, sugar and yeast. High fermentation clear double malt, produced with a blend of wheat and barley malt, with aromatic characteristics due to the addition of cinnamon and orange peels, refermented and aged in the bottle, form of natural sediment.
€ 4.50