Starters a la carte

Typical Tuscan starter
Selection of cured meats (Tuscan ham, "soppressata", rolled "pancetta" and Bonistalli's pork loin), pecorino cheese with walnuts, fried polenta with deer ragù, grilled bread with Colonnata's lard.
€ 16.00
Garden's appetizer
Phyllo dough roll with seasonal vegetables, vegetables terrine, pecorino cheese with onions and apples' jam, ovenbaked pumpkin with pecorino cheese and caramelized onions, vegetable arancini
€ 14.00
Salmon trout Tartare
Smoked Garfagnana trout tartare with raw fennel and cabbage julienne, served with pink grapefruits and sour cream
€ 15.00
Liver terrine and Carmignano figs
Liver terrine with Carmignano figs, lard, pickled vegetables, apples' jam with grilled bread slices
€ 13.00

First courses

Pappardelle with tuscan boar ragù
Pappardelle of fresh artisan pasta with boar ragù
€ 14.00
Homemade Gnudi with ricotta cheese and spinach
Homemade Gnudi with ricotta cheese and spinach served with sage butter sauce
€ 14.00
Black tagliolini with red shrimps tartare
Black tagliolini with red shrimps tartare served on a shellfish sauce
€ 16.00
Typical Lucca's soup
Typical Lucca's soup with legumes and cereals, served with raw vegetables and thin sliced bread
€ 9.00
Traditional Tortellini with Gran Maremma sauce
Traditional tortellini with parmesan like Gran Maremma cheese's sauce
€ 13.00

Second courses

Sliced ​​Tuscan chicken cooked at low temperature
Tuscan farmed chicken slices with oranges' sauce with thin sliced roasted potatoes
€ 15.00
Beef tartare
Raw tuscan meat knife-cut with egg yolk and classic seasoning
€ 18.00
Sliced grilled beef
Selected Tuscan beef grilled with oil and herbs
€ 18.00
Fillet Toscana Fleur
Selected Tuscan beef fillet tied and grilled with parsley oil
€ 22.00
Our grilled steak (price per kg)
Selected beef steak raised in Tuscany served with roasted potatoes and homemade pickled vegetables
€ 46.00
Fritto dell’aia
Selected chicken and rabbit meat from Tuscan farms and battered seasonal vegetables
€ 18.00
Grilled Octopus
Grilled octopus' tentacles served with potato and leeks' cream with fried capers
€ 18.00

Side courses

Roasted potatoes
€ 5.00
Artisanal potato fries
€ 5.00
Cannellini beans cooked in a mason jar
€ 5.00
Seasonal mixed (or green) salad from our gardens
€ 5.00

Unique dishes

Ghiotto's burger
Sandwich, selected beef burger cooked rare, lettuce, tomato, cheese, crispy bacon paired with homemade fries, ketchup and mayonnaise
€ 14.00
Garden's burger (vegetarian)
Sandwich, vegan burger, tomato and salad paired with homemade fries and dedicated sauces
€ 13.00
Sandwich of the month
Panino con arista di maiale, insalata, pomodoro, salsa verde e cipolla stufata, accompagnato da patate rustiche con la buccia
€ 13.00